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Schools & Child Care

Photo of a little boy playing with a toy car.

Schools & Child Care

Healthy Environments Create A Healthy Generation!

Governor Snyder calls on schools and child care programs to play an essential role in preserving and promoting community health.

Do you know if students in your school...

  • Learn about the importance of physical activity and healthy eating in the classroom, and then experience cuts in recess time and physical education class?
  • See vending machines filled with not-so-nutritious food and drinks?
  • See a "Tobacco-Free Zone" sign on school grounds, but see adults smoking directly outside of school doorways?

Do you know if children in your child care program...

  • Are always offered healthy meal and snack choices emphasize colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy, beans, nuts and lean proteins?
  • Have clean, self-serve water available to drink all day?
  • Are only expected to be seated 15 minutes or less at a time, and are encouraged to be active inside and outside?
  • Have role models for healthy behaviors, like eating healthy and being physically active?

Healthy child care and school environments give young children and students clear and consistent messages, accurate health information, and ample opportunity for application.

The classroom, gymnasium, playground, cafeteria, on site activities, and communication systems can reinforce and educate our next generation, staff and families on healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco-free lifestyles.

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"Health and Success in school are interrelated. Schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if students and staff are not healthy and fit physically, mentally, and socially." -The National Association of State Boards of Education