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Brenda Christensen


Brenda Christensen

Pounds lost:

70 (260lbs to 190lbs)

% of body weight lost:


What inspired you to lose weight?:

The MI Healthier Tomorrow Campaign

What actions have you taken to lose weight?:

Eating on a schedule: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and then dinner.

Food changes: Slowly I started to eliminate bad foods. First I started with goodies. I cut out candies, desserts most processed sugars. Next step was breads, cheese and my favorite pasta. The only cheese I eat is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a great alternative to having potatoes.

I eat an unlimited amount of veggies. I do eat a lot of fruit too, although more in moderation due to sugars.

The veggies I eat are usually fresh or if I do cook them I try to steam them. The meats I eat are Pork, fish, eggs and chicken. No processed meats. No hotdogs, chicken strips, bacon or fish sticks. I try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

The only sauce I use is salsa.

Eating out: When I do eat out (once or twice a month) I usually get Chinese food. If not I look for the best Choice with meat and veggies.

Going to friends to eat is a challenge. I bring a dish or dishes to pass that are packed with veggie or fruit, I know then there will be something for me. If the main dish is something I won’t normally eat, I will bring a can of soup. This way we can eat together and I’m eating a healthy choice main dish for me.

My friends understand, they want to see me, they are not so concerned I eat their food.

Exercise: forcing myself to exercise at least 10 minutes a day for 3 days. I now exercise everyday for at least 45 minutes.

I drink 32oz of water each day with lemon. (For flavor)

What physical and/or mental changes have you noticed since you’ve lost weight?:

The obvious first, I went from a size 22/24 to a 16/18. I’m not fast but a mile used to take me 30 minutes now I can complete my mile in 16 minutes.

I can sit on the floor with my legs crossed. Something I could not do at 260lbs.

I'm 46 I think the last time I weighted under 200lbs I was 15.

Mentally was huge for me. I’ve struggled so much with anxiety and panic attacks. This has changed so much people around me have even noticed. I’m much calmer, I can think more clearly. For so long I had been offered so many drugs for anxiety, now I feel I can handle everyday life much easier.

My Dr. has contributed to the lack of sugars.

How did you hear about MI Healthier Tomorrow?

Radio ads, and billboard

How has MI Healthier Tomorrow contributed to your weight loss goal?:

When I received the packet I really liked the folder that looked like a frig. Inside it was packed with lots of healthy foods. I thought, “I like a lot of those veggies”.

I like the texts and emails I get. Keeps up my motivation.

This email you sent me was encouraging.  Someone noticed I’ve worked hard, it made me feel like someone really cared about my results.  Thank you!

What advice would you give fellow Michiganders who want to lose 10% of their weight?:

Don’t look for the closest parking spot.

Eat snacks (Healthy of course) Find a natural peanut butter with no sugar, on top of a banana or apple, yum!! Greek yogurt with lots of protein.

Shop for your veggies; the same day or next prepare them for eating.

When you are craving for something sweet, have a couple of pieces of fresh pineapple. It really helps a sweet tooth.

Pick one day a month and treat yourself.

Visit your doctor!

Remember it’s a life style change, keep modifying till your satisfied, if you give up, go right back to it.