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Carie McKown


Carie McKown

Pounds lost:

26 pounds

What inspired you to lose weight?:

Just didn't feel good and lacked energy, recently divorced and figured I better get my body back in shape! I wasn't horribly fat, just chubby.

What actions have you taken to lose weight?:

Reduced portions, exercised more and move much more!

What physical and/or mental changes have you noticed since you’ve lost weight?:

I have energy and abilities I didn't when I was heavier.

How did you hear about MI Healthier Tomorrow?

I got an email in my in box and replied. One of the BEST things I could have done!! I was constantly given ideas on how to change things up so that my diet reduced fat and calorie intake but not flavor. I enjoy eating but do realize we need to watch what we eat.

How has MI Healthier Tomorrow contributed to your weight loss goal?:

Inspiration!! Keep up the emails and ideas for people to change their lives by reducing portions, and changing things up!! Simple things, like replacing ketchup with salsa? How easy is that!!

What advice would you give fellow Michiganders who want to lose 10% of their weight?:

First, reduce your portions. Once you see a pound or two, it will get you moving and give you energy to push forward to losing more!!! Thank you and please keep inspiring me with your awesome idea emails!! Thank you!!