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Rebecca Turner


Rebecca Turner

Pounds lost:


% of body weight lost:


What inspired you to lose weight?:

My 60th birthday. The extra weight was causing me physical difficulty. I want to be healthy (healthier) as I get older.

What actions have you taken to lose weight?:

Changing my attitude. Improving my diet. Adding physical activity. I resent(ed) having to “watch what I ate”. I felt it was “unfair”. I had to face the fact that unfair or not, it is one of the things I need to do to be healthy, just like wearing glasses so I can see. I work to eat healthier including fruit and vegetables at every meal. I still enjoy lots of my favorite foods but in moderation. I record EVERYTHING I EAT on an app on my cell phone (My Fitness Pal). It was a real eye opener to see the calories in the various foods I was eating. I include at least thirty minutes of walking daily. I have a back that is deteriorating. Walking and weight loss has been beneficial in coping with this pain.

What physical and/or mental changes have you noticed since you’ve lost weight?:

I am typically a positive person. I feel better about my appearance and my health as I drop the excess weight.

How did you hear about MI Healthier Tomorrow?

I believe I saw an article on Facebook, possibly from Mlive, that talked about the launch of MI Healthier Tomorrow.

How has MI Healthier Tomorrow contributed to your weight loss goal?:

Unobtrusively! MI Healthier Tomorrow posts emails with great information on things that can be done to stay healthy and be healthy. The right ones seem to show up right when I need them!

What advice would you give fellow Michiganders who want to lose 10% of their weight?:

Don’t quit. Stick with it. Baby steps. Don’t try to eat the whole elephant! (I know. A food analogy.) The extra weight goes on a lot faster than it comes off. It is worth the time it takes. Just stay with the healthier habits for a healthier you.