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Tell Your Success Story

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Tell Your Success Story

Obesity Reduction Efforts in Michigan

Impact. Value. Progress. Showcase your accomplishments and submit your individual/group success story for possible posting on the Michigan Department of Community Health's "Healthy Michigan" website. Celebrate your Michigan Health and Wellness 4 x 4 Plan efforts and inspire others to get involved in the effort to reduce obesity. Tell us about the change strategies you are implementing that are making healthy living easier for you and/or your community. Provide an emotional connection that engages others to get involved. Feel free to use the questions below as a helpful reminder to include key elements as you write your 1 - 2 page story.


  • What obesity reduction effort did you participate in?
  • Why did you choose this effort?
  • Who and how many people did the project reach? What was your experience like? Who and/or what motivated you? What was the most exciting part of doing this project? Were there additional partners and how did they enhance the effort? How has your participation made you feel about yourself and your community?
  • If there was anything that happened that made participating in and finishing this effort difficult, how did you overcome this?
  • Is this an effort you would encourage others to participate in? Why?

Most importantly - What are the results of participating in this effort?

  • What do you think contributed to the success of this effort?
  • Is there a personal story, quote or statistic you want to share about the IMPACT of your effort to strengthen your story?
  • What is next for you or your group? If someone wanted to help, how could interested partners get involved?

All fields are required unless labeled as optional.

What would you like the title of your story to be? Make sure it captures what your story is about as well as the reader's attention

By submitting your success story, you are consenting to have your organization's information, success story, and any photos you send to accompany the story shared and published on this and other related websites and in other print and web media used to motivate and mentor other organizations working toward supporting better health. By completing and submitting this form, you are also providing permission for us to contact you for further information/clarification. For questions or concerns please email Dawn Rodman at

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