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Sue Buitenhuis


Sue Buitenhuis

Pounds lost:


% of body weight lost:


What inspired you to lose weight?:

I want to go to a destination vacation for my 50th birthday with a friend and was embarrassed about putting on a swimsuit. In addition, I had recently been put on high blood pressure meds in addition to cholesterol drugs. I was tired of being overweight and always tired and didn't want yo be on meds for the rest of my life.

What actions have you taken to lose weight?:

In January, 2013, I joined an 8-week Bootcamp at a local gym, which included both exercise and nutrition. After the 8-weeks, I had lost 20 pounds and almost 20 inches. I have continued watching what I eat as well as making exercise part of my daily routine. I have totally taken a different approach to what I put in my mouth, preparing much of my meals on weekends, since I am a busy full-time single mom. I also eliminated most processed and fast foods from my diet and try to select as much grass fed meats as possible. In January I started walking on a treadmill with the hopes of completing a 5k. I ran a 5k both Memorial Day weekend and also in August.

What physical and/or mental changes have you noticed since you’ve lost weight?:

I find I have a lot more energy during the day - I have also lowered my cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure levels to where I no longer need meds. My resting heart rate has gone from the 90's to 60's. I feel a lot better about myself as a person as well.

How did you hear about MI Healthier Tomorrow?


How has MI Healthier Tomorrow contributed to your weight loss goal?:

It has helped me strive toward and pass my goal of losing 10% body fat - it has been an encouragement with the many Facebook posts.

What advice would you give fellow Michiganders who want to lose 10% of their weight?:

Find a gym with people who will encourage and support you as well as a good nutrition program. Fad diets aren't going to work. Decide mentally now is your time to commit and want it!