Changes Coming in 2020

Due to a new state law, some Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP) changes are coming in January 2020.  This webpage explains what to expect and when.  It will be updated as more information is available.

What are the changes?

Work Requirements

HMP beneficiaries will have to report at least 80 hours of work or other qualifying activities each month to keep their health care coverage. 

New Premium Amounts and Healthy Behavior Requirements

Some beneficiaries who have had HMP health care coverage for at least 48 months will also have to make new HMP premium payments on time and do a yearly HMP Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to keep their health care coverage.

What to do now?

  • Watch your mail and this website. MDHHS will send out more about these changes to beneficiaries and how to report work and community activities later this year.
  • Get to know your HMP costs. Health plan members should read their statements carefully and make any payments timely. Tell MDHHS when something changes that could affect the payment amount, such as changes in income or family size.  MDHHS will share more information with beneficiaries on HMP premium changes later this year.
  • Do a healthy behavior every year.  Schedule a check-up with your doctor every year. Health plan members should complete a Health Risk Assessment. Talk to your doctor about different healthy behavior choices that may work for you, like getting a flu shot or getting screened for cancer.