Ñ! Magazine

Ñ! magazine is an educational project of Huron High School, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The magazine develops communication skills and engages our students in the study of Spanish by publishing their original work on Hispanic culture and art.  

 Ñ! is available for free in cafés and local stores of Ann Arbor and has established sponsorships with local businesses such as Mango Languages and the creative writing center 826michigan. One of the great achievements of this project has been giving visibility to the Hispanic presence in our community by publishing the first bilingual magazine (Spanish-English) in Ann Arbor.

Ñ! magazine has been awarded as best educational practice of Spanish using information and communication technologies and will be presented in the coming 2019 MIGoogle conference in Fenton, on Nov. 5th.

To see the latest issue, please follow the link below: