Michigan's Home Visiting System

Michigan has a long history of providing prevention-focused home visiting services. However, the system has lacked several key features that research suggests drive successful implementation.

  • The system has been decentralized and has lacked a shared vision and common goals.
  • Home visiting programs are not consistently integrated or targeted at the state or local level, and meaningful commitment to sustained partnerships across agencies is limited.
  • Historically, home visiting model selection has not been aligned with community need, nor required the use of models that have evidence that they address the identified community needs or address the State's high-priority outcomes.

The Michigan Home Visiting Initiative seeks to:

  • Work toward a common vision for home visiting through engaging partners in a collaborative process to plan and implement this grant, and by developing and implementing policies, procedures, standards, measures and funding mechanisms that support common goals.
  • Strengthen the State's home visiting infrastructure and improve the quality of the State's home visiting system by supporting the use of evidence-based model programs and ensuring that model programs are delivered with fidelity.
  • Lead to positive outcomes for children and families by measuring and reporting progress toward improving child health and safety, supporting healthy development, reducing family violence, improving maternal child health, and encouraging economic self-sufficiency.

Early Childhood System Building Efforts
The State is using an interdepartmental structure and team process to address early childhood systems and services integration and coordination; primary partners include the Michigan Department of Education (which houses the Office of Great Start), the Department of Human Services, and the Early Childhood Investment Corporation. These four agencies/organizations partner in forming the Great Start Steering Team (GSST) and the Great Start Operations Team (GSOT), which function as the means through which early childhood systems, resources, strategic direction, and system- building is occurring for Michigan's young children and their families. Home visiting is supported within this structure and has its own Work Group as well as several subcommittees under the GSST.