Below is a chart of Home Visiting models, who is eligible and how many visits one will receive.

Michigan Home Visiting Programs at a Glance
Program Name Who is Eligible? Program Description Visit Frequency
Early Head Start Home Based (EHS) EHS serves pregnant women, families with children birth to 3, and families with a child with a disability. Program has income guidelines. EHS supports you to better understand how your child learns and grows. EHS helps your child to be healthy. EHS knows you are your child's first and most important teacher. Home visits take place weekly for 90 minutes. There are also 2 social activities that are available to families twice per month.
Family Spirit (FS) FS serves pregnant women and families with children younger than three in American Indian Communities. Program does not have income guidelines. FS is the only program for and by American Indian communities. FS helps you be a strong and healthy parent. FS helps you support the health of your family. Visits range from weekly to monthly depending on the needs of the family and age of the child. Visits generally last between 45-90 minutes.
Healthy Families America (HFA) HFA serves pregnant women and families for three to five years. Families sign up during pregnancy and until a child is 3 months old.
Program has income guidelines.
HFA is a family-centered program. It supports you to build a positive bond between you and your children. It helps you to be a strong parent. Home visits range from weeklybiweekly during pregnancy. After the child is born, families receive weekly visits for 6 months. After this period the visit schedule varies depending on family needs.
Infant Mental Health (IMH) IMH enrolls families during pregnancy through their child's third birthday. Program has income guidelines. IMH provides support to those who may be having difficult bonding with their child (which can affect social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development in infants and toddlers). Families generally begin services after their child is born, although services may begin during pregnancy, and continue until their child is age three. The intensity and duration is based on family needs.
Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) MIHP serves Medicaideligible pregnant women and infants through 12 months. MIHP can support the care you receive when you are pregnant and after you have your baby. As a benefit of Medicaid, social workers and nurses from MIHP work with you and your doctor to make sure you and your baby are healthy. Participating mothers receive up to nine visits through their pregnancy. After delivery, the family receives up to nine more visits until the infant reaches the age of 12 months. Frequency of visits depends on risk levels of mothers and infants. A physician may order more visits based on the needs of the family.
Nurse-Family Partnership NFP serves first-time mothers. Families sign up before the 28th week of pregnancy, and once enrolled, services continue until the child is 2 years old. Program has income guidelines. As a first-time mom, you will have visits from a registered nurse. They can support you with the help you need during your pregnancy and after your baby arrives. NFP supports their moms and babies to be happy and healthy. Families receive weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits dependent initially on length of enrollment and then age of the child. Visit schedule is determined by the family and can be changed based on family needs.
Parents as Teachers (PAT) PAT serves pregnant women and families with children from birth to kindergarten entry. Families can enroll at any point during this time.
Program does not have income guidelines.
PAT will support you in developing a good relationship with your child. PAT works to build your confidence in how you parent and help your child to learn and grow. Families can receive monthly to twice monthly visits, depending on family needs. Home Visits are generally 60 minutes. Families are also offered 12 group connections per year.
Play and Learning Strategies-Infant (PALS)
* Program in Kent County
PALS serves families with children age 5-15 months. Program has income guidelines. PALS supports you in learning ways to help your child learn and grow. PALS helps you have a strong bond with your child. Families receive 10 home visits per year lasting a minimum of 90 minutes.