Michigan's Plan

Group photo of babies, various ethnicities

Michigan’s Infant Mortality Reduction Plan is a strategic approach to keeping more of Michigan’s infants alive, regardless of race or ethnicity. Considerable evidence exists about the factors that influence infant mortality. The Reduction Plan recognizes the impact of the environment on individuals and builds on Life Course Theory addressing important stages during the life span is vital for better health and missing these key stages can result in poor health outcomes in multiple generations.


  1. Achieve health equity and eliminate racial and ethnic disparities by addressing the social determinants of health in all infant mortality reduction goals and strategies
  2. Implement a Perinatal Care System
  3. Reduce premature births and low birth weight
  4. Support increasing the number of infants who are born healthy and continue to thrive 
  5. Reduce sleep related infant deaths and disparities
  6. Expand home-visiting and other support programs to promote healthy women and children
  7. Support better health status of women and girls
  8. Reduce Unintended Pregnancies
  9. Promote behavioral health services and other programs to support vulnerable women and infants

To download and print a two page summary of the goals and strategies visit www.michigan.gov/documents/infantmortality/2016-19-IM-GOALS.pdf

To view the complete report visit www.michigan.gov/documents/infantmortality/16_FINAL.pdf

Visit the Michigan Dashboard to monitor the infant mortality reduction progress.