Information for Families

Family eating dinner together

MDCH is committed to health promotion and preventive services for women, children and families that include early prenatal care, care between and after pregnancies, breastfeeding, nutritious food, health education, and referrals to improve women's health over the life course. Our goal is to support healthy pregnancies, improve the health of women, reduce infant mortality, and strengthen families and communities.

Preparing for a healthy baby starts even before you get pregnant. All women benefit from maintaining their health, whether or not they are planning to have a baby. It is important to focus on steps you can take before, after or between pregnancies to stay healthy and increase the chance of having a healthy baby when you decide to start a family.

Father involvement beginning at conception and throughout the entire life of the child is vital to raising healthy families and preserving strong communities. It is important to have a strong support team! Fathers, partners, grandparents, family and friends can be a great source of encouragement for parents or parents to be and can provide the help and support to keep you and your family healthy. Always talk with your healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns.