• Maternal Infant Health and Equity Collaborative (MIHEC)

    The MIHEC's purpose is to support the development and implementation of the MIHEIP. The MIHEC pursues a shared vision and mission across the sectors and systems represented on the Council, and it exists to advise, assist, and promote statewide collaborative improvement efforts to focus on short, intermediate and long-term goals to reduce infant and maternal mortality.

    Registration information for upcoming meetings is available at https://ihp.msu.edu/index.php/imac-meetings.  Everyone is welcome to attend. 

    Community of Practice Webinars

    The Mother Infant Health and Equity Improvement Plan will host a series of Webinars to provide more information about the Plan, its initiatives, and implementation. 

    To participate in the Community of Practice Webinars, please register here: COP Webinar Registration

    Stay connected with the Improvement Plan, check out our calendar of events below.

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