The practice of hauling firewood from one part of the state to another is devastating Michigan's native trees. Transporting firewood also transports insects and diseases. Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive insect that has impacted nearly 10 million trees throughout southeast Michigan, is one of the most prominent threats to Michigan's forests, but it is not alone. Oak wilt, Beech bark disease and Asian longhorned beetle are the top threats in a growing list of firewood hitchhikers. Don't move firewood!

  • Don't bring firewood with you when you camp.
  • If you find or buy wood in the park, don't take any back home with you. Burn it all or give it to other campers in the park.
  • In most parks, concessionaires sell firewood in small, manageable bundles. When a concessionaire isn't available, many private firewood stands can be found in the areas near the park. Keep your firewood purchases within a short distance of where you're staying.