Aquatic Invasive Plants

For questions on:

  • Chemical control of aquatic species, permitting, and submerged plant identification, please contact: 
    Aquatic Nuisance Control Program staff, DEQ - Water Resources Division, 517-284-5593
  • Mowing and other forms of mechanical control, permitting, and Great Lakes Shoreline management, please contact:
    Anne Garwood, DEQ - Water Resources Division, 517-388-4472
  • Identification and control of invasive phragmites, please contact:
    Kevin Walters, DEQ Water Resources, 616-250-8637
  • Watch list species reporting - Brazilian elodea, European Frogbit, European water clover, Hydrilla, Parrot feather, Water chestnut, Water hyacinth, Water lettuce, Water soldier, and Yellow floating heart
    DEQ Aquatic Nuisance Control Program, 517-284-5593