Frequently Asked Questions

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The goal of the Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs (OPLA) is to support the efforts of the Department and its bureaus to improve the delivery of services to the public, reduce unnecessary rules and regulations and strengthen the framework of laws relating to consumer economic activity.

What roles does OPLA perform for the department?

  1. Coordinates legislative activity by: monitoring legislation, reviewing bill analyses and legislative proposals, drafting amendments to legislation and serving as the Department's contact with the Office of the Governor's Legislative Liaison.
  2. Communicates the Department's position on legislation and provide input (e.g., suggested amendments) on legislative initiatives to the Governor's Office, legislators, committees and staff, and other departments.
  3. Responds to inquiries from legislators and staff, the press, local governments and the public concerning Departmental programs and policies.
  4. Maintains files of legislation affecting the Department, rules promulgated by the Department and its constituent agencies and related documents.

What about administrative rules?

OPLA coordinates departmental rule promulgation activity under the provisions of Executive Orders 2011-4 and 2011-5. For more information, please visit the Office of Regulatory Reinvention webpage.

"The answers provided are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice."