MPSC and Michigan Energy Office Submit Additional Areas Report to Governor Snyder

Contact:  Judy Palnau, 517-241-3323
Agency:  Michigan Public Service Commission  
Contact:  Kathy Fagan, 517-335-4590
Agency:  MEDC

November 15, 2013
- Steve Bakkal, director of the Michigan Energy Office, and John D. Quackenbush, chairman of the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) today submitted the Additional Areas final report part of Governor Rick Snyder’s energy initiative that will prepare Michigan to make good energy decisions in the future.

"While the main focus of our information gathering this year has been on the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and electric choice, it became evident that the topics of electric reliability, electricity rates and prices, and natural gas infrastructure were also on the minds of those who commented earlier this year in person at the forums held around the state or by email," noted Quackenbush and Bakkal.

"Today's report covers those topics and incorporates comments made during the public comment period after the Additional Areas draft report was issued on Oct. 1. We believe that the information contained in this report will be a useful tool for the Governor and the Michigan Legislature as they consider next steps for Michigan's energy future."

New material added to the Additional Areas final report includes:

  • Additional material in the Regional Reliability section of the report on the role of states versus the role of regional transmission operators or independent system operators for reliability;
  • The addition of Figure 4, which shows additional data on Michigan's electricity rates; and
  • Additional material on the linkage between natural gas prices and electricity prices

The final report submitted today is available on the website, along with the renewable energy final report and the draft reports that have been issued on electric choice and energy efficiency.

Today's report is the second of four final reports that will be submitted to Governor Snyder before Thanksgiving. In his Special Message on Energy and the Environment in November last year, Governor Snyder laid out a vision for a "no regrets" energy policy, one that would be adaptable and built on three pillars: excellent reliability, an affordable price, and a protected environment. The Governor charged Chairman Quackenbush and Director Bakkal with the information gathering process and directed them to issue draft reports for public comment and then final reports.

The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

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