Michigan Liquor Control Commission Speeds Up Permit Licensing Process

Contact: Andrea Miller 517-322-5898
Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

(September 26, 2011) Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) Chairman Andy Deloney announces changes to the liquor control permit process. This new procedure applies only to existing active on or off premise license holders. This new procedure does not apply to new applicants, transfers of ownership, or transfers of location.

"I have made it clear, as Chair of this Commission that revamping the liquor licensing process is a top priority. It is my intent to act on that promise without compromising the public health, welfare and safety standards that are built into the licensing application process and are required by law," said Deloney. "In this regard, I am pleased to announce today a start to the licensing reform process."

The permit applications that are being revamped include:
  1. Requests for permanent additional bars under R 436.1023(2).
  2. Requests to conduct beer and wine samplings under MCL 436.1537. 
  3. Requests to add living quarters to the licensed establishment under R 436.1039. 
  4. Requests for Sunday Sales Permits (AM and PM) under MCL 436.2115. 
  5. Requests for Catering Permits under MCL 436.1547; and 
  6. Requests for permanent Specific Purpose Permits under R 436.1437.

Effective immediately, all completed permit applications will immediately be placed on a consent agenda docket for approval by the Commission at the next day's scheduled open meeting. One of the biggest changes is that investigation by the Commission's Enforcement Division or the local law enforcement agency is no longer required.

The following information is all that is required for each permit: 

  • Additional Bars
    • Completed and signed application; 
    • Payment of $70.00 inspection fee; 
    • Payment of $350.00 for each bar. 
  • Beer and Wine Samplings 
    • Completed and signed application for Beer and Wine Consumer Sampling Event Permit (LC-MW-1002); 
    • Payment of $100.00 fee per location. 
  • Living Quarters Permit 
    • Completed and signed application for Living Quarters Permit (LC-619); 
    • Payment of $70.00 inspection fee; 
    • Diagram stating the dimensions of the proposed Living Quarters and showing the location of the proposed Living Quarters. 
  • Sunday Sales Permit (AM) 
    • Completed and signed application (LC-1161); 
    • Payment of $160.00 permit fee; 
  • Sunday Sales Permit (PM) 
    • Completed and signed application (LC-1161) 
    • Payment of Permit Fee, which equates to 15 percent of the fee charged for issuance of the annual license. 
  • Catering Permit 
    • Completed and signed application; 
    • Payment of $70.00 application and processing fee; 
    • Payment of $100 Permit fee; 
    • Copy of Licensee's food license showing that it is a food service establishment or retail food establishment; 
  • Specific Purpose Permit/Official Permit 
    • Completed and signed application for Official permit for Difference in Hours (LC-1112) 
    • Payment of $70.00 inspection fee.

"We are excited to announce these changes, but there is plenty more coming," added Deloney. "There are other permit and permission approval processes we are now working on, as well as reform of the overall licensing process. We'll be announcing more changes soon."

The MLCC encourages licensees to check the website for the updated forms or additional information regarding these changes.

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