Michigan Liquor Control Commission Transfers $164.25 Million to the General Fund

December 1, 2011 - The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) announces a profit in liquor sales of $164.25 million that was transferred to the General Fund for fiscal year 2011, which is up $7.1 million from last year. 

The Commission has retained its role as the wholesaler of spirits - purchasing these products from suppliers and selling them to retailers. The wholesaling operation involved the sale of over 6.88 million cases of spirits in the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010 for gross sales of $940.2 million, preliminary numbers indicate an increase of gross sales of about $978.5 million for fiscal year 2011. All spirit products are marked up 65% on the price paid by the Commission. All licensees receive a 17% discount off this marked-up price. The net income to the Commission from the sale of spirits in fiscal year ending 2010 was $139.77 million. 

"We expect at least modest growth into fiscal year 2012," said Andy Deloney, Chairman of the MLCC. "The future looks strong as we continue to approve new products weekly. Currently, there are just over 5,600 products available for sale from Authorized Distribution Agents (ADAs) designated by the Commission. These ADAs, who have contracts with the various suppliers of spirits, are responsible for transmitting these orders to the Commission, receiving and warehousing the merchandise shipped into the state and delivering product to retailers."

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