LARA’s Mission

LARA supports business growth and job creation while safeguarding Michigan’s citizens through a simple, fair, efficient and transparent regulatory structure.

LARA’s Vision

LARA will reinvent government while consistently serving our customers fairly, honestly and respectfully through an engaged and creative employee team.

LARA's History

LARA can trace its roots back to 1965 when the Department of Commerce was formed by Section 225 of the Executive Organization Act of 1965, PA 380, MCL 16.325. In 1992 the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation was abolished with most responsibilities transferred to this Department.

Renamed Department of Consumer and Industry Services by Governor John Engler’s executive order 1996-2, most of the Department of Labor was merged with the Department of Commerce.  

Governor Granholm then issued executive order 2003-14 renaming the Department, the "Department of Labor and Economic Growth” (DLEG).

In 2008, Governor Granholm moved various energy related programs from the Michigan Department of Agriculture to DLEG and renamed it the "Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth" (DELEG).

In April 2011, Governor Snyder renamed DELEG as the "Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs" (LARA).