P.A. 251 of 2008

Sec. 215 
Policy Change Report

Sec. 217 
Out of State Travel Report

Sec. 304 
Revenue from Sales of Customized Lists

Sec. 306 
MSHDA Production Goals

Sec. 308 
Carry Forward of Elevator Funds

Sec. 317 
MIOSHA Report of Occupational Injuries, Illnesses,
& Fatalities in Michigan

Sec. 335(2)
Dist. of Funds Low Income/Energy Efficiency Assistance Programs

Sec. 336 
OFIR FY07 Expenditure Report

Section 340 
Quarterly and Annual Financial Filings of Health Maintenance Organizations

Sec. 370 
Cities of Promise

Sec. 377 
WIA Funds Appropriated

Sec. 379 
SOAHR Teacher Tenure Cases

Section 406(1) 
Work First/Jet Participant Survey

Section 418 
KCP Future Faculty Fellowship Program

Sec. 429 

Sec. 432 (1) 
NWLB 2008-2009 Participation & Fiscal Report

Sec. 432 (3) 
No Worker Left Behind Status

Sec. 432a (5) 

Sec. 433 (1) 
JET Report

Sec. 434 
After School Partnership Initiative

Sec. 438 
MSHDA Project Status