P.A. 130 of 2009

Sec 215 
Policy Change Report

Sec 217 
Out of State Travel

Sec 226 
GF/GP Lapse Est.

Sec 302a 
BFS Fees

Sec 303 
Carry Forward of Elevator Fees

Sec. 304
Revenue from Customized Listings

Sec. 333 
MARVIN Phone vs. Internet Stats

Sec. 340 
MIOSHA Report of Occupational Injuries, Illnesses, & Fatalities in Michigan

Sec. 352 
SOAHR Teacher Tenure

Sec. 361 LEEF
Low-Income and Energy Efficiency Fund FY 2010

Sec. 368 
BCC & BCS Regulatory Activities Report

Sec. 372 
Tax Tribunal Fee Schedule

Sec. 405
OFIR FY09 Expenditure Report

Sec. 502 
MSHDA Production Goals

Sec. 503 
MBDA Loan Status

Sec. 504 
Blight Elimination Report

Sec. 802(2) 
Former Work First Participant Data

Sec. 812 
WIA Funds Appropriated

Sec. 820
Nursing Program Status Report

Sec. 830 
No Worker Left Behind

Sec. 831(2) 
NWLB Distribution of GF/GP