2009 MCL Reports

Initiated Law 1 of 2008, Section 6(i)
BHP - 2009 Michigan Medical Marihuana Annual Report

MCL 338.3315 
Asbestos Abatement Report

MCL 339.411 
Red Tape Report

Michigan Employment Board of Review Report of Activities FY 08-09

MCL 418.225 
Workers Compensation Agency 2009 Annual Report

MCL 418.391 (6)
Compensation Supplemental Fund 2009 Annual Report

MCL 421.5a
UIA - FY 2009 Advocacy Program Annual Report

MCL 421.8 
Annual Review of Maximum Weekly Benefit Rates Report

MCL 460.10u
Status of Electric Competition in MI

MCL 484.3301
Status of Video Services Competition in MI