MIOSHA, O'Brien Edwards Brinkmann Joint Venture form Partnership to Protect Workers on Detroit Mixed Housing Project

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November 19, 2015 – O’Brien Edwards Brinkmann Joint Venture, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) signed a formal partnership with the goal of zero worker injuries, Martha Yoder speaks at eventaccidents and near misses during the construction of a $65 million mixed housing project along the Detroit riverfront.

Phase I of the Orleans Landing Rivertown project will consist of new residential and commercial properties, including 278 luxury apartment units, a club house, outdoor amenities, and 10,500 square feet of retail space.

Construction officially began in October 2015 and is expected to be completed in April 2017. 

“MIOSHA commends O’Brien Edwards Brinkmann Joint Venture and partnering unions and subcontractors for their commitment to worker safety on this exciting new project,” said MIOSHA Director Martha Yoder. “The agency takes great pride in forming partnerships with Michigan companies that put the safety and health of workers above all else.”

Signing partners included Yoder and Tim O’Brien, Vice President of O’Brien Edwards Brinkmann JV, along with partnering employers.

“We believe that no job or no task is more important than all workers’ health and safety,” said O’Brien. “We are very pleased that MIOSHA has agreed to join with our JV firms on O’Brien’s second MIOSHA partnership. With MIOSHA’s assistance, our first partnership led to a project with zero lost workdays. We look forward to the same results on Orleans Landing.”

MIOSHA, O'Brien Edwards Brinkmann Joint Venture

Partnerships are an important emphasis in the MIOSHA Strategic Plan to improve the health and safety of workers through cooperative relationships.

The safety and health of the construction project’s employees is fundamental to this partnership with MIOSHA. The leadership of O’Brien Edwards Brinkmann Joint Venture, partnering contractors, LARA and MIOSHA are aligned and committed to achieving the objective of worker protection by providing a workplace with an effective safety management system that is hazard-free.

All partners agree to commit their leadership, time and resources to achieve this valuable goal.

Partnering employers and unions include:



·   Dearborn Midwest

·   Jet Steel

·   Starky’s Construction

·   Gale Insulation

·   Northwest Roofing

·   MacDermott Roofing

·   Marson Tile

·   ABC Advantage

·   Ohio Awnings

·   B&B Pools

·   Schindler Elevator

·   C&H Fire Protection

·   Jermor Plumbing

·   Sherman Heating & Cooling

·   Exclusive Heating & Cooling

·   Resnick Electric

·   RBV Contracting

·   Stuart Leve Landscaping

·   Carpenters Union

·   Laborers Union

·   Operators Union

·   International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

·   Bricklayers and Masons Union

·   Cement Finishers Union

·   Elevator Union












Key elements of the site-specific safety and health program for reconstruction include:

  • 100 percent personal protective equipment.
  • Mandatory attendance to a project safety orientation. 
  • All crane operators will be Certified Crane Operators (CCO) as recognized by National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and other recognized certification agencies. 
  • Mandatory pre-work substance abuse testing.
  • Mandatory post-accident substance abuse testing.
  • Pre-task plans are to be completed prior to shift and used to document any changing conditions.
  • Contractors shall provide a competent and/or qualified person for work operations as identified by a MIOSHA standards and/or O’Brien Edwards Brinkmann Joint Venture.
  • O’Brien Edwards Brinkmann Joint Venture and the partnering employers on this project will uniformly enforce a disciplinary action plan for employees who fail to work in a safe manner. Automatic dismissal from this project shall result from any willful or deliberate violation of safety rules or safety policies and procedures.

“The MIOSHA program is dedicated to partnering with employers to continually improve Michigan’s workplace safety and health,” said  Yoder. “A MIOSHA partnership offers employers a voluntary, cooperative relationship with the agency to help eliminate serious hazards and achieve significant safety and health management goals.”

The partnership does not preclude MIOSHA from enforcing its mission of addressing complaints, fatalities, or serious accidents, nor does it infringe on the rights of employees to report workplace hazards.

O’Brien Edwards Brinkmann JV is a partnership between O’Brien Edwards Construction Company (OECC) headquartered in Detroit, MI and Brinkmann Constructors, headquartered in St. Louis, MO. For more information on Obrien Edwards Construction, visit http://oeccinc.com/; for more information on Brinkmann Constructors, visit: http://askbrinkmann.com/.   

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