MIOSHA Training Institute Graduates Recognized at Michigan Safety Conference

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April 17, 2018 – The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) and Macomb Community College today recognized graduates of the MIOSHA Training Institute (MTI) at the 88th annual Michigan Safety Conference in Lansing. The MIOSHA program is part of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). 

“The MTI offers participants the necessary curriculum and hands-on training for safety and health solutions and has become an established, premier provider of high quality workplace safety and health training,” said MIOSHA Director Bart Pickelman. “Providing a safe and healthy work environment is not only the right thing to do, it’s a sound business decision. For every $1 invested in workplace safety and health, employers see a return of $4 to $6 dollars. That makes MTI training an excellent investment for Michigan employers.”

MIOSHA and Macomb Community College have partnered on the MTI since 2007, celebrating MTI’s 10th anniversary last August. To date, 27,175 people have participated in MTI training. There was a total of 176 MTI certificates awarded in 2017. Of those, 124 participants earned level one certificates for general industry and construction; 26 earned level two certificates for management systems and compliance; eight earned level two compliance for construction; and 18 individuals were awarded occupational health certificates.

MIOSHA MTI Graduates

MIOSHA provides scholarships to those interested in attending the MTI to help with the cost of tuition. Since 2009 when MIOSHA began offering scholarships, more than $381,715 for 6,597 scholarships have been awarded to MTI students.

“We take pride in our lasting partnership with Macomb Community College,” said Pickelman. “Together, we offer individuals a unique educational experience that creates a more knowledgeable workforce and improved technical expertise in occupational safety and health.”

Pickelman recognized 19 graduates at today’s ceremony: John Bartlett, John Carlson, Gerald Cherwinski, Mike Evanoff, Keith Farr, Wayne Flees, Tom Goyette, Todd Grammatico, Don Lewis, Raymond Miles, Tracy Nelson, Robert Smith, Chad Tolfree, Joen Turner, Rachelle Vandergriff, Paul A. VanDeven, Jodi VanGuilder, Dave Verbeek, and Greg Waun.                                       

The MTI delivers affordable, participant-driven and informative seminars based on the most up-to-date industry standards in a hands-on, interactive environment. Students attend a series of courses that will help them develop the knowledge and skills to improve their companies’ safety and health system. Taught entirely by MIOSHA Consultation Education and Training consultants, the classes are consistent throughout the state in length, format, resources, activities, objectives and assessment.

Macomb Community College’s Public Service Institute (PSI) administers the MTI. The PSI educates students and working professionals for positions of responsibility and leadership in public service that includes police, fire, emergency medical services, and industrial health and safety training. Macomb Community College is one of the nation’s leading community colleges, providing learning experiences to more than 48,000 students annually. Macomb nationally ranks in the top two percent in the number of associate degrees awarded. To learn more, visit www.macomb.edu.

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