New e-File System Provides Transparency, Access to Labor Dispute Cases

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February 21, 2019 – In an effort to improve efficiency and public access, and bring greater transparency to state records, LARA’s Bureau of Employment Relations (BER) and Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) have launched the public-facing component of their new e-File system. MERC resolves labor disputes involving public and private sector employers, unions, and employees by appointing mediators, arbitrators and fact finders, as well as adjudicating unfair labor practice cases.

“This technology not only makes it easier for employers and employees to file cases with the Commission, but now it allows the general public easier access to view this information” said LARA Director Orlene Hawks. “This new system will increase transparency and is in direct line with Governor Whitmer’s commitment to make state government information more accessible.”

BER, which houses the Commission, began using the new e-File case management system to process all new cases filed on or after December 17, 2018. With the launch of the public-facing portion of the new e-File system, all residents are now able to search and view information on any pending or disposed MERC case. The initiation of new cases – or the submission of materials for existing cases – can now be done completely online.

“Access to the e-File system will be available from any laptop, smart phone, computer, or tablet,” said BER Director Ruthanne Okun. “We are very excited to provide this service that improves accessibility to MERC’s information for our customers.”

MERC handles approximately 5,000 new case filings per year. MERC e-File will provide a variety of different search tools, services and case processing enhancements to users. The system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the MERC website.

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