MIOSHA Hosts Excavation and Trench Stand Down Events Across the State

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April 8, 2019 – The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) is hosting excavation and trench stand down events across the state from April 8-12 to raise awareness and provide educational support to both employers and employees.

MIOSHA is hosting 12 events in 10 cities across Michigan ranging from Detroit, Ann Arbor to Howell and Holland. The events are expected to reach more than 500 Michigan employees.

“This is a true statewide effort to raise awareness about the potential hazards associated with excavations and trenches,” said LARA Director Orlene Hawks. “These events give us an opportunity to provide resources and feedback directly to employers and employees in their places of work while answering questions about our regulatory efforts.”

During the site visits, MIOSHA staff will give a brief informal presentation to employees at work sites to highlight excavation and trench safety, share related case studies, and offer consultative services.

Several entities are involved with these events including Kamminga & Roodvoets, Inc., Barton Malow Company, Pioneer Construction, Ric Man Construction, Nicholson, Grand River Construction, and the University of Michigan.

“As an agency, we relish the opportunity to be on the ground, at work sites, and speaking directly with employers and employees,” said MIOSHA Director Bart Pickelman. “We are at our best when we are directly engaged with and educating our constituents.”

Employers are encouraged to contact the Consultation Education and Training (CET) Division at 517-284-7720 for additional information and resources. For more information about MIOSHA standards and excavation and trenching hazards, you may contact the Construction Safety and Health Division (CSHD) at 517-284-7680.

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