MPSC's E-Dockets system now allows users to get email updates when new filings are posted


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The Michigan Public Service Commission today announced that users of its online E-Dockets case system will be able to get emails notifying them when new filings are approved and posted in individual cases.

The E-Dockets system is an electronic repository of all public filings for matters before the Commission, from rate cases to proceedings on integrated resource plans, updates to rules and other issues facing utilities regulated by the MPSC. The feature will allow users of the electronic filing system to receive an email when new documents are filed in particular cases, rather than having to check on cases manually.

Until now, that feature had been limited and wasn’t available to the general public. But now anyone with an email address can sign up to receive email updates on individual cases, with at most one email per day each day there is a new filing approved in the case. If there are multiple updated filings in a case, notification for all the day’s updates will be sent in a single email to users, so that their inboxes aren’t overwhelmed.

Commission Executive Secretary Lisa Felice said the email update feature was something the public asked about regularly since the MPSC began electronic filings in 2003.

“In January 2018, the MPSC launched its current E-dockets system,” said Felice, whose responsibilities include maintaining the MPSC’s case dockets, coordinating responses to Freedom of Information Act requests and distributing orders issued by the Commission. “We received positive feedback about the new system, but many users indicated it would be nice to have this feature. It helps with the MPSC’s goal of making its operations more transparent and easily accessible to the public.”

“I want to thank Lisa and MPSC staff for their hard work to bring this valuable feature to the public,” said MPSC Chairman Sally Talberg. “The Commission is committed to government transparency, and making it easier for people to keep up with cases shows we are backing that commitment with action.”

Signing up for notification emails is easy. After you’ve found a case by its docket number and searched for it in the E-Dockets system, an orange box will appear near the top of the case’s main page with the words “Notify Me of New Approved Filings.”

Click on the box and then enter and submit your email address. You’ll soon receive an email with a link to verify that you want to receive the notifications. Click on the verification link and you’ll begin to receive update notifications when new approved files are posted. A link will be provided in update emails should you want to unsubscribe from the notifications.

Users with additional questions about signing up for case filing updates may call the MPSC’s Executive Business Section at 517-284-8090.

Access the MPSC’s E-Dockets filing system here.

For information about the MPSC, visit, sign up for one of its listservs, or follow the Commission on Twitter.

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