Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Bureau of Services for Blind Persons, Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)

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Please note: The answers provided are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice.  

SENIORS: FAQs about services for seniors age 55 and over (Independent Living Program) 
Who may refer an individual for services?  
How do I qualify for Independent Living services?  
How much will Independent Living Program Services cost?  
Will my insurance cover the cost of magnifiers?  
What is the duration of Independent Living Program services?  
Can I receive financial assistance from the Independent Living Program?  
Does the Bureau's Independent Living Program provide transportation?  
Are chore providers available through the Bureau?  
Where are services provided?  


YOUTH: FAQs about services for youth   
How old does my child have to be before receiving services from the Youth Low Vision Program?  
What is provided through the Youth Low Vision Program?  
How do I enroll my student in the Youth Low Vision Program?  
Where do I take my child for the exam needed for the Youth Low Vision Program documentation?  
How much of the costs are paid for by the Youth Low Vision Program?  
How often can we take advantage of this program?

How long does a person usually stay at the Training Center?  
Where is the Training Center located?  
How do I get to the Center?  
How can I contact the Center?  

BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PROGRAM OPERATORS: FAQs for BEP food service managers and vendors 
How is an individual selected to run a BEP facility?  
Can I choose where I want to put my facility?  
Do BEP operators have to pay taxes?  
Do BEP operators have to pay a percentage of profits to the Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons?  

FOOD SERVICE CUSTOMERS: FAQs for food service and vending machine customers 
What should I expect as a customer when visiting a BEP facility?  
Who monitors the cafeterias and other BEP locations to ensure high standards of quality, food safety, and cleanliness?  
If a BEP vending machine owes me money, how do I get my money back?  
We are having a staff meeting, and we wish to have refreshments.  Does the Business Enterprise Program operator in our building provide coffee and cold drinks?  
A member of our team recently had a baby. Our team would like to have an informal pot luck baby shower on our lunch break.  Is this permissible?  
Our office is planning a meeting.  We would like bagels from our favorite bagel baker.  Can our operator provide these bagels?  
Is office coffee service part of the services provided by the Business Enterprise Program?  
Are there some specific written guidelines for state government departments and agencies planning to have catered events?