Corporations Division FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact the Corporations Division?

A.         1)  By calling the Division at 517-241-6470.

2)  In person at 2501 Woodlake Circle, Okemos, MI 48864.

3)  By emailing the Division at


Q. How do I order copies or certificates?

A.         If you would like to request copies (certified or uncertified) of the documents and/or a Certificate of Good Standing, you may do so by calling Business Services at 517-241-6470 or by faxing in a Certification and Copies Request form, CSCL/CD 274, to 517-241-0538. Copies and certificates provided by the Division require payment of a fee.


Q. How do I get a copy of my annual statement or annual report?

A.         The annual reports and annual statements are mailed to the resident agent on record; you may want to contact them for a copy. Additional copies can be requested by an authorized officer, director, or resident agent, and will be sent to the registered office address on record with the Bureau. Additionally, annual reports and annual statements can be filed online at


Q. How do I file my annual report online?

A.         1)   You can file annual reports online by going to

2)   Online filing for the next report or statement owed is available beginning approximately 90 days prior to the due date.


Q. How do I serve a business entity through the Corporations Division?

A.         1)   The Corporations Division may be served pursuant to:

   i.    MCR2.105(D)(4)

   ii.   Section 1920 of the Revised Judicature Act, MCL 600.1920

   iii.   Section 902 and 907 of the Michigan Uniform Limited Partnership Act

   iv.   Michigan Franchise Investment Law, MCL 445.1522

   v.    Section 1002 of the Limited Liability Company Act, MCL 450.5002

   vi.   Section 207(3) of the Limited Liability Company Act, MCL 450.4207(3)

2)   You may wish to refer to these statutory sections. If you need to serve the Corporations Division, you can send, by registered mail, the service of process, with the applicable fees, to Jim Lotoszinski, Corporations Division Director, at PO BOX 30054, Lansing, MI 48909.

3)   The fee for corporations is $3.00. No other entity requires a fee.


Q. How do I find out who the owners and members of a business entity are?

A.         The statutes we administer do not require that we capture the names of the owners for entities. However, Professional Service Corporations and Professional Limited Liability Companies are required to submit a list of the shareholders, members, or managers with their annual reports. 


Q.  I'm trying to view the record of a business entity using the business entity search and it says I need a username and password, how do I get these?

A.         1)   We don't require usernames and passwords to access our business entity search.  

2)   It may be you need to update the browser, JAVA, for it is constantly being updated. The link is on the entity detail screen within the business entity search, see message below: This usually works for 99% for the customers after they have updated the browser JAVA.

3)   Here is the link:


Q. I have questions about my EIN number or other tax related issues, who do I talk to?

A.         You should address any tax concerns to the IRS or the Michigan Department of Treasury. You can contact the Michigan Dept. of Treasury by calling 517-636-5260 and the IRS by visiting its website at or by calling 800-829-1040.


Q. How do I request a Tax Clearance?

A.         Information regarding tax clearance is available from the Michigan Department of Treasury, Tax Clearance Section website at,4676,7-238-43519_43526---,00.html or by calling 517-636-5260.


Q. When is the first report or statement due?

A.         1)   Profit Corporations: May 15 after the year of incorporation.

2)   Nonprofit Corporations: October 1 after the year of incorporation.

3)   Limited Liability Companies: February 15 after the year of formation or qualification unless it is organized or qualified after September 30, in which case, the LLC need not file a statement on the February 15 immediately succeeding its formation or qualification.


Q. What is the process for filing documents?

A.         You can submit your completed document by mail, fax, email, or bring it in to the Okemos office for review. The addresses and fax number are on the documents.

i.     To submit by fax, you need a filer number first. Complete the MICH-ELF Application (form 901) and submit to fax number 517-241-6445. Once you receive your filer number, then you may fax or email the filer number in with the document for review. Email address is

ii.    You may use the following address for overnight delivery only* of documents:

Attn:  Corporations Division

2501 Woodlake Circle

Okemos, MI 48864-5955

*If you would like expedited service, please refer to the FAQ on expedited service and related fees.


Q. Is expedited service available for filing documents and reports?

A.         1)   Yes, On November 21, 2005, Public Acts 217, 218, 219 and 220, were signed into law, each effective January 1, 2006, authorizing new expedited services for the formation of business entities and nonprofit corporations. In addition, the legislation provides that expedited services are also available to existing entities when submitting any other documents.

 2)  The legislation establishes four expedited service options: 24-hours, same day, 2-hour and 1-hour.


Q. Can I request expedited filing after I have already submitted my document or report?

A.         The statutes provide that the request for expedited service must be made when the document or report is submitted for review.


Q. Am I required to use expedited service?

A.          No, expedited service options are for those customers who desired expedited service for review of documents and reports or statements.  Non-expedited documents are reviewed within 10 days. Annual reports and annual statements are reviewed in the order received but are not subject to the 10 day review period.