Who We Are and What We Do

The Corporations, Securities, and Commercial Licensing Bureau is organized by five major areas of responsibility: Bureau Administration and IT & Web Development; Corporations Division; Licensing Division; Securities & Audit Division; and Regulatory Compliance Division.

Bureau Administration and IT & Web Development responsibilities include: Overall Bureau policy direction; Informational Sales Program; Information Management Services; Administration IT programs, document imaging, and web design.

The Corporations Division administers statutes related to the formation, life, and dissolution of corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships. The Corporations Division also administers the statutes for trademarks, service marks, insignias and empowerment zones.  If a person desires to form one of these entities, qualify an existing entity to transact business or conduct affairs in Michigan, or register a mark or insignia they must submit the appropriate documents to the Corporations Division. 

The Licensing Division administers several statutes related to ten professions including security guards, private postsecondary schools, and cemeteries. The Division strives to provide timely customer service through processing applications and renewals, creating certifications of record, and assisting businesses and members of the public with informational inquiries.

The Securities & Audit Division's Audit Section conducts audits of the financial records of licensees who maintain trust or escrow accounts on behalf of the public to ensure compliance with applicable laws and rules.  The Examination & Registrations Section conducts examinations of Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers to ensure compliance with the Michigan Uniform Securities Act (MUSA).  Under the Living Care Disclosure Act, Living care facilities are reviewed for the adequacy of their disclosures, fairness of advertising, and financial viability.  The Division is responsible for coordination filings, qualification filings, and requests for exemptions, under the MUSA.

The Regulatory Compliance Division provides fair and uniform access to the Bureau’s public records, and fair and equal due process to licensees and registrants accused of violating the statutes and rules administered by the Bureau by conducting compliance conferences and coordinating or undertaking legal representation of the Bureau at contested case proceedings.  The Division also timely, accurately, and effectively drafts and serves the Bureau’s administrative complaints, subpoenas and other legal pleadings or orders and ensures compliance with the resulting final orders.