Details Regarding Administrative Orders 2020-01 and 2020-02 (Spirits Value Added Packages & Multi-Pack and Variety Cases)

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission has made some changes to the acceptance criteria for products listed in Michigan.  These changes are being made for several reasons:

  1. The protection of the health and welfare of the citizens of Michigan
  2. A price list that is reasonable to maintain by Commission staff and that is also maintainable by authorized distribution agents to warehouse and deliver
  3. Conformity to the acceptance standards of other control states
  4. Consistency to standard sizing
  5. Consistency of shelf prices and regulation of spirits
  6. Reasonableness of products

Distilled Spirit Value Added Packages - Administrative Order No. 2020-01:

Two policy changes:

  1.  The discounting of up to 33% of two or more items in a package is eliminated.
    1. Example:  ProductABC and ProductDEF 50ml 2-pack with a shelf price for the unit that is 33% less than the shelf prices of the individual items will no longer be accepted.
  2. If the bonus item for a value-added package is a spirit, it can now be no larger than one 50ml bottle.
    1. Example:  ProductABC with 50ml is acceptable.  ProductABC with four 50mls is not acceptable and will no longer be allowed.

Multi-pack and Variety Cases - Administrative Order No. 2020-02:

Three policy changes:

  1.  There can now only be one multipack per brand per size.
    1. Example:  ProductABC 200ml 10 pack is currently approved.  Any more multi-packs for this product for this size will be denied.  So, ProductABC 200ml 15 pack will be denied.
  2. All multipack items must now already be listed with the State.
    1. Example:  Watermelon and Peach vodka 50ml multipack.  Both the watermelon and peach vodkas must be listed as individual items in Michigan.
  3.  For multi-packs and variety cases, non-standard bottle sizes can no longer be added together to make a standard size.
    1. Example:  four 25mls cannot be packaged together to equal a standard 100ml size.

The administrative orders state that products that do not currently comply with them will be delisted May 3, 2020 and will not available for pickup by or delivery to licensees on or after that date.  Products received by licensees prior to May 3, 2020 may continue to be sold by licensees on or after May 3, 2020 until the product is depleted.