Financial Management Division

This division provides support for the Commission in all areas of financial management and accounting. Financial Management collects in excess of half a billion dollars annually in sales dollars, taxes, fees and other monies for the State of Michigan; properly accounts for and provides reports on these monies; transfers these monies to the appropriate agencies and manages the Liquor Purchase Revolving Fund for the State of Michigan.

In 1997 the Commission privatized the distribution function of liquor sales. Authorized Distribution Agents (ADAs) now take licensee orders, assemble the orders, invoice and collect for the orders, and provide purchase, sales and inventory information to the division. The division is responsible for overseeing ADA operations and processing, balancing and reconciling the liquor sales and inventory information submitted by the ADAs. Other functions include revenue collection, budgeting, general, legislative and policy financial analysis, expenditure payments verifying beer and wine tax reports, assisting licensees with liquor delivery problems through provision of a toll free telephone Help Line, processing all of the bureau's mail and financial statement production.

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