Liquor Control Commission Provides Recommended Procedure to Law Enforcement on Conducting Underage Controlled Buy Operations

Contact: Angela Simpson 517-322-6348
Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

February 9, 2007 - Michigan Liquor Control Commission Chair Nida Samona released today recommended procedures to law enforcement agencies on how to conduct underage controlled buy operations, commonly referred to as "stings" or "decoy" operations.

Police agencies across the state will now be able to conduct these actions in a standard manner using the revised Controlled Buy instructions, though it is important to note that the instructions are only recommendations and are not statutorily required, nor defined as administrative rules.

"The Liquor Control Commission already uses prevention tools such as the ‘We I.D.' button and ‘Alcohol Impairment Chart' and these recommendations are similarly aimed at discouraging underage drinking," Samona said. "These recommendations to law enforcement agencies are aimed at giving them the ability to improve processing and recording of sting or decoy activities and to give them solid cases for the violations they write."

LCC Enforcement Director Rick Perkins said the guidelines also simplify the process so licensees and enforcement officers both better understand what is taking place.

"We expect an increase in the number of sale-to-minor acknowledgments because there will be little question that proper procedures were followed," Perkins said. "The enforcement team and licensees will now have a better understanding of controlled buy operations and how they are done."

The recommended procedures also reinforce the message that licensees should not sell to underage individuals and that the LCC and police agencies across the state will be employing minors in an effort to make sure licensees are not breaking the law. In addition, it offers contact information for any police agency or licensee who may have questions about the procedures.

The Controlled Buy Operations sheet will be posted along with other prevention tools in the Enforcement section of the LCC website at

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