One Hundred-Thirty Four Businesses Holding a Liquor License Pass Controlled "Decoy" Buys

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Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

January 21, 2010 - One hundred-thirty four Michigan liquor licensees passed controlled buys in December as part of controlled buy sting operations by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) and law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies are not required to report passed decoy operations, however some have voluntarily reported the 134 businesses listed below for recognition by the MLCC.

Under Michigan law all licensees have an equal chance of being randomly selected for a minor decoy compliance check. A business can also be selected for a compliance check if there is a documented complaint of sales to minors.

"We are very pleased to end the year on a positive note," said Nida Samona, Chairperson of the MLCC. "It is critical for all licensees and their employees to check the identification of all persons who appears to be less than 40 years old. Our common goal is to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors."

The Commission and law enforcement agencies perform the minor sales checks in an effort to reduce drinking by minors, which is a serious problem throughout the state. The MLCC tests about 2,000 licensed establishments each year.

During the sales checks, a minor employee of the MLCC attempts to purchase alcohol from a licensed business to see if staff is checking ID's correctly and refusing to sell alcohol to anyone under 21. Commission investigators or other law enforcement officers supervise the minor employees. The minors carry their own legal ID that identifies them as under 21 and do not disguise their age or lie to encourage the sale of alcohol.

Businesses that passed:

Bayshore Market, Grand Marais

Dunes Saloon, Grand Marais

Ricks Party Store, Coldwater

Brickyard Pub, Battle Creek

Palarmo's Ristorante, Springfield

Fabiano's, Union City

Faulk's Automotive & C-Store, E. Leroy

Lazarov Foods, Inc., Battle Creek

Rite Aid #4588, Flint

Matt & Terry's Market, Fenton

Rite Aid #3452, Linden

Kessel Food Markets #404, Flint

Walmart #1928, Flint

Corunna Mini Mart, Flint

Aldi #81, Flint

Beacon & Bridge Market, Fenton

Walgreen's #7500, Flint

Beacon & Bridge Market, Swartz Creek

Rite Aid #4408,  Fenton

Beacon & Bridge Market, Linden

VG's Food and Pharmacy, Fenton

Mr. M's Pizza & Lounge, Gladwin

Jiffy Quick Mart, Beaverton

Beacon & Bridge Market, Beaverton

Z's Lounge, Newberry

M&H Food Plus Center, Utica

VG's Food and Pharmacy, Shelby Twp.

Jaeger's Castle Rock, Clinton Township

CVS #8144, Shelby Township

Picolo's Party Shop, Utica

Walgreen's #5291, Shelby Township

Aldi #85, Shelby Township

Rite Aid #4321, Shelby Township

CVS Pharmacy #8416, Shelby Township

Van Dyke Wine Shoppe, Utica

7-11, Shelby Township

Vince & Joe's Fruit Market, Shelby Twp.

CVS #8189, Shelby Township

Stoney Creek Liquor Shoppe, Washington

Buscemi's Party Shoppe, Washington

Andrew's Liquor Shoppe, Washington

Rite Aid #4068, Washington

Romeo Mobil Mart, Washington

Kroger #461, Romeo

Big Kmart #7500, Washington

Rite Aid #4317, Washington

7-11, Washington

Rite Aid #4886, Washington

Meijer #117, Washington

Marathon, Armada

Armada IGA, Armada

Rite Aid #4270, Richmond

Kroger Store #706, Richmond

Richmond Ventures, Richmond

Big Kmart #3570, Richmond

CVS Pharmacy #8024, Richmond

Wal-Mart #3487, Shelby Township

Next Door Store, Midland

Walgreen's #6559, Midland

Westown Grocery, Midland

Blodgett Oil Company, Coleman

Steve's Country Corner, Coleman

Sid's Grocery & Party Store, Midland

Kudrat Inc, Coleman

Cairns Family Market, Coleman

Country Store II, Coleman

Sanford Food Store, Sanford

Blodgett Shell, Coleman

Holden's Party Store, Milford

Walgreen's, Milford

CVS #8004, Milford

Village Party Time, Milford

The Village Butcher Shoppe, Milford

Rite Aid #4372, Milford

Kroger Store #526, Milford

Breen's Foodland, Milford

Sherwood Liquor Shoppe, Milford

Wixom Fine Wines, Wixom

7-11, Wixom

CVS #8229, Wixom

Saroki's Market, Wixom

Sofia Market, Wixom

Rite Aid #4300, Wixom

Sutton Party Shoppe, Southfield

Majestic Market, Southfield

CVS #8034, Southfield

CVS #8143, Southfield

Franklin Liquor Lotto & Deli, Southfield

7-11, Southfield

Walgreen's #6323, Southfield

Kroger Store #658, Southfield

CVS #8063, Southfield

Art Party Store, Southfield

Colony Party Store, Algonac

Kroger #450, Algonac

Park General Store, Marine City

Marwood Inn, East China

Treeside Party Store, Columbus

Speedy Q Markets, Inc., East China

Tommy's Party Store, Casco

Emil's Tavern, Columbus

Baxter's Little Grocery, East China

Ypsi-Arbor Lanes, Inc., Ypsilanti

The Huckleberry Inc., Ypsilanti

CVS #8165, Ypsilanti

Walgreen's #05398, Ypsilanti

Washtenaw Liquor Store, Ypsilanti

Joe's Market, Ypsilanti

Kampus Korner, Ypsilanti

Buffalo Wild Wings, Ypsilanti

Maria's Italian Bakery, Ypsilanti

Dairy Mart, Ypsilanti

Rite Aid #4363, Ypsilanti

Wal-Mart #1824, Ypsilanti

7-11, Ypsilanti

Round Bottle Market, Ypsilanti

Lucky Two of Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti

Walgreen's #11156, Ypsilanti

A&W Party Store, Ypsilanti

CVS #8023, Ypsilanti

Early Times Liquor Store, Ypsilanti

Ypsi-Liquor Shoppe, Ypsilanti

McEwens Club House, Livonia

Kickers All American Grill, Livonia

One Under Bar & Grill, Livonia

Snookers' Pool & Pub, Livonia

Crestwood Lounge, Livonia

The Bench Pub, Livonia

Wonderland Lanes, Livonia

Chili's Grill & Bar #1417, Livonia

Bar Louie, Livonia

Old Mexico, Livonia

The Olive Garden #1109, Livonia

Livonia Liquor Castle, Livonia


"The licensee could deter the use of false ID by informing minors that any attempt to purchase liquor by using false ID is a misdemeanor and is punishable by imprisonment up to 93 days and/or fine of up to $100," said Samona. For more information on this and violations submitted and hearing outcomes, please visit our website at

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