Michigan Liquor Control Commission Continues to Improve Licensing Procedures (MLCC continues to be Customer Driven. Business Minded.)

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February 17, 2012 - The Michigan Liquor Control Commission today announced yet more reforms that will simplify and shorten the licensing process. Effective immediately, licensing, service and franchise agreements are no longer required unless the licensee is leasing, selling or transferring possession of a portion of the licensed premises to the servicing party. If there is no leasing, selling or transferring of the licensed premises, these agreements do not need to be submitted or reviewed as a part of the licensing or enforcement process.

"The Commission and our Licensing Division staff have been working diligently on improving the licensing process to be more customer friendly, these changes are significant, not only for licensees but for MLCC employees," said Andy Deloney, Chairman of the MLCC.

Administrative Rule 436.1023(3) provides that a licensee shall not lease, sell, or transfer possession of a portion of the licensed premises without the prior written approval of the commission.

The following are lists of common agreements currently submitted and reviewed in connection with licensing requests:

Licensing Agreements
- Banks and credit unions
- ATM's
- Sushi bars
- Cell phones
- Barber shops
- Hair salons
- Dry cleaners
- Film developing
- Photo studios
- Health care clinics
- Shoe repair
- Shoe stores
- Coffee shops
- Key makers
- Jewelers and jewelry carts
- Nail care salons
- Driving schools
- Packaging and shipping businesses
- Pay phones
- Pharmacies
- Optical businesses
- Video rentals

Service Agreements
- DNR (fishing, hunting licenses)
- U.S. Post Office
- Ticket sales
- Lottery sales
- Traveler's Express
- Western Union/Money Orders
- Coin sorting machines
- Vending machines
- Rug doctor/carpet cleaner rentals
- Crane games
- Pool table and video games
- Propane sales
- Health literature information

Franchise Agreements
- restaurants/fast food

"We will no longer be burdening our customers - licensees and applicants - with these unnecessary and time-consuming requirements," said Deloney. "More changes are coming, and soon."

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