Approved 2020 Limited Permanent Outdoor Service areas are valid through April 30, 2021

Licensees who are currently approved for Limited Permanent ODS (that was set to expire on November 30), are extended to April 30, 2021. The MLCC urges these licensees to convert to a Regular Permanent ODS by April 30, 2021.  Licensees must complete the Conversion Application form and submit it to the MLCC by April 30. There is no fee for this application.

Licensees who do not apply for the conversion will need to close their Limited Permanent ODS by April 30, 2021. Limited Permanent ODS areas that have not been converted to regular permanent ODS areas will no longer be valid after April 30 and will not be able to be used by licensees for outdoor service of alcohol.

For licenses applying to convert from a 2020 Limited Permanent ODS to Regular Permanent ODS, no changes to the size or shape of the existing outdoor service area will be accepted from what has already been approved by the MLCC. Only the currently approved dimensions can be used.  Licensees who wish to change the size or shape of an existing Limited Permanent ODS area must apply for a new Regular Permanent ODS area by completing and submitting the Outdoor Service Permanent Permission Application (LCC-204).

The MLCC will no longer accept new applications for Limited ODS.  Licensees who would like to add a new outdoor service area or modify an existing outdoor service area should complete and submit the Outdoor Service Permanent Permission Application (LCC-204).

Licensees must contact their local municipality and fire marshal for information/questions regarding local requirements/restrictions on outdoor service areas.  Licensees also have a continued responsibility to take all necessary steps to minimize the risk and combat the spread of COVID-19 in their hospitality establishments and communities all across Michigan.

For more information on the coronavirus/COVID-19 state of emergency please visit the State of Michigan’s coronavirus website at