COVID-19 What to Expect with BCC Operations

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COVID-19: What to Expect with BCC Operations

As many of our customers are learning to operate under a “new norm”, BCC is no exception. Like many of you, we are finding new ways to accomplish our tasks while providing the best customer service possible.  Our objective is to not disrupt the services and support you receive from our BCC Team. As such, we ask for your understanding during this state of emergency and provide your questions and requests to BCC by email at: or you may call us at 517-241-9302. We will respond to you as quickly as possible. If you would like a return phone call, please provide the best time and number for a team member to connect with you.

Below are some changes to BCC operations that may impact you and how you interact with the bureau.

Office closure: At this time our public office in Lansing remains closed until further notice. This means in-person payment and document drop off is not currently an option. You may still mail in this information, however we strongly encourage you to conduct your business online instead of by U.S. Mail. For disciplinary matters, you may submit documentation or make inquiries related to disciplinary actions to:

Additionally, BCC staff are currently participating in the Federal Work Share Program from May 17, 2020 through July 25, 2020 to help the state budget. This means that each staff member will work a 32-hour week and have either a Monday or Friday off each week during that timeframe.  Please note that the layoffs on Mondays and Fridays may result in slower e-mail responses or longer call wait times. We ask you to be please patient if you contact the office on either of those days.

Inspections: Our inspection staff continues to assure the health, safety and welfare in the built environment throughout these trying times. In order to participate in the Work Share Program our inspectors will be changing their workdays to eight-hour workdays during this timeframe. Overtime is not allowed during this period, and therefore will not be approved during the above timeframe. All inspections will be required to take place during the regularly scheduled 32-hour work week. We recognize this may delay some inspections. We ask that you please be patient and work with your inspector to schedule your inspections during their next available time slot.

Examinations:  PSI TESTING SITES ARE NOW OPEN! As of June 3, 2020 PSI resumed testing. Applicants whose eligibility expired while the testing sites were closed due to the emergency, between March 13, 2020 through June 2, 2020, will have their eligibility extended until October 3, 2020. Additionally, due to a surge in testing demand and limited seating, applications in the system prior to June 3, 2020 will have their eligibility extended by four months to assure they have their full years’ worth of eligibility.  Applications moving forward (beginning June 4, 2020), will go back to the original eligibility process, which gives the applicant one year to take and pass their licensure examination.  Applicants should contact PSI to schedule their examination by going to or by calling 1-800-733-9267.

Continuing competency: With in-person, face to face opportunities for licensees to earn continuing competency credits restricted due to the COVID-19 state of emergency, BCC is working with organizations to help licensees fulfill these requirements through on-line seminars and other alternative activities. Continuing competency requirements will not be waived for licensure, rather BCC is allowing individuals to expand their opportunities to gain the credits needed for licensure and renewal.

Plat Approvals: Under MCL 560.171, the 15 days allowed for review will be interpreted to be 15 business days instead of 15 calendar days.

Boards and Commissions: BCC has successfully conducted two virtual board meetings open to the public. Our Electrical Administrative Board met on May 7, 2020 and our Barrier Free Design Board met on May 14, 2020. Our BCC team has been working hard so that our Boards and Commissions can continue to do their important work on behalf of the public and licensees.

Consistent with Executive Order 2020-75, all June 2020 board and commission meetings will be held virtually using Zoom.  All members of the public may attend and participate in the public meetings by visiting the web link provided on the agenda and amended public notice for the meeting group, located on our website  

Public meetings will begin at the regularly scheduled time, but members of the public may access the meeting at the web link or phone number 10 minutes before it begins.

In order to minimize disruptions, until the time designated for public comment, members of the public will be muted.  During the time designated for public comment, members of the public will no longer be muted and may participate and provide their comments by speaking using the microphone on their device or phone or by typing their comments into the chat function.  All existing rules regarding public comment (including rules designed to minimize disruptions and allow for full public participation) still apply.

Additional participation information may be found on the amended public notice for the meeting group, located in the Notices tab on our website. As Executive Order 2020-75 authorizes remote participation in public meetings through June 30, 2020, please refer to the link provided above for future meeting updates.

Proposed Rules Meetings: At this time all meetings and Proposed Rule/Code Change Request forms are postponed. The bureau will begin to schedule/reschedule meetings when it is safe to proceed. Email notification will be sent at that time. If you would like to stay updated on the rule sets please send an email to with the subject line “Subscribe – Rule Set Name” (i.e., Subscribe – Plumbing Code). For the list of currently open rule sets, please click here.