Employee Discrimination Rights

Section 65 of Act 154, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act, states that an employer shall not discriminate against an employee for exercising his or her rights under Act 154. Employees shall not be discriminated against for reporting or voicing an unsafe or unhealthy work condition; or assisting a MIOSHA representative during an inspection/investigation; or for refusing to work when confronted with an imminent danger that could cause death, injuries resulting in permanent disabilities, or illnesses that are chronic or irreversible.

If an employee feels his or her rights have been violated under the MIOSHA Act, the employee may file a discrimination complaint with the Employee Discrimination Section within 30 days of the date of occurrence/incident.  To  contact the MIOSHA Employee Discrimination Section, please call 313-456-3109 or write to:

MIOSHA Employee Discrimination Section
Cadillac Place
3026 W. Grand Blvd., 9th Floor Ste 450
Detroit, MI 48202

Click here for a printable version of the discrimination complaint form.