Summer Work Experience Opportunities

Business Enterprise Program

Description:  The BEP Work Opportunity Program offers a work experience to students who are visually impaired.  This experience will provide the participant with an opportunity to learn basic work skills and to assess whether the BSBP Business Enterprise Program may be a viable long-term vocational goal. 

Location:  Various

Hours Per Week:  20 - 30 hours

Program Duration:  8 - 10 weeks

Age Range:  16 - 26 years, high school and college students

Rate of Pay:  $9.25 an hour

Contact:  Your Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Counselor


Leader Dogs for the Blind - Assistive GPS & Technology Support Intern

Description:  This position is responsible for providing support to clients learning to use assistive Global Position System (GPS) units.  The candidate must be a Bureau of Services for Blind Persons VR or potentially eligible student.

Location:  1039 S, Rochester Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Hours Per Week:  To Be Determined

Program Duration:  Summer

Age Range:  Students who have a high school diploma or equivalent

Rate of Pay: