Frequently Asked Questions for potential BEP operators (food service managers and vendors), Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons

Please note: The answers provided are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice.

Q: How is an individual selected to run a BEP facility? 

A: To be eligible to run a Business Enterprise Program (BEP) facility in Michigan, a person must: 

  • Be a United States citizen 
  • Be legally blind 
  • Be in need of employment 
  • Successfully complete the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Business Enterprise Program training program. 


Q: Can I choose where I want to put my facility? 


A: No. BEP operators must be willing to relocate to an existing facility. However, operators are permitted to request opportunities at existing locations as they become available. In addition, the Business Enterprise Program is always interested in exploring suggestions for new locations. 



Q: Do BEP operators have to pay taxes? 


A: Yes. BEP operators are the sole proprietors of their establishments and are therefore subject to state and federal taxes. 



Q: Do BEP operators have to pay a percentage of profits to the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons? 


A: Yes. BEP operators must pay 10 percent of profits to the Bureau. This funding is used to repair and replace equipment for the program statewide.