Firefighting Strategies and Tactics (Equivalency Prerequisite for Company Officer)

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This course begins with a history of firefighting and the reasons that it has evolved throughout the years. It is followed by background information necessary to make effective fire ground decisions. The next two chapters include information on fire dynamics and extinguishing agents. The next six chapters deal with concepts common to all incidents including incident management systems, command and control considerations, firefighter safety, company operations, built-in fire protection, and considerations for after the incident. The second half of the course provides the reader with information necessary to apply the common concepts for specific occupancies to include, one-and two-family dwellings, multifamily dwellings, commercial occupancies, places of assembly, high-rise structures, vehicle fires, wildfires, and basic information for special fires. The final chapter allows the reader to apply the concepts to written scenarios.

This course is equivalent to the Managing Company Tactical Operations-Preparing/Decision/Strategies and Tactics for Initial Company Operations series (MCTO-P, MCTO-T and STICO) and can be used as a prerequisite for the Company Officer.


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Firefighting Strategies and Tactics



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Jones & Bartlett - Firefighting Strategies and tactics



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Member of an organized Michigan Fire Department and preferably a Senior Fire Fighter who may at times assume the responsibilities of the company officer (NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications, Level I).


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