Fire Fighter I (NFPA 1001, 2013 Edition)

Course Description:
The Fire Fighter I course is structured for competency-based group instruction using curriculum from one of the three listed publishers the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA), or Jones and Bartlett. The two publishers curriculums address the training objectives covered in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 1001, 2013 edition.


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Fire Fighter I



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Not provided-See Vendor Information


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To schedule a course you must go to the
BFS/FFTD Information Management System (SMOKE).

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SMOKE Training Application


Student Prerequisites:
·        Eighteen years of age or older
·        Member of an organized Michigan Fire Department or
      a pre-service student registered through a recognized
      College or University based Regional Training Center.

Explorer and Cadet Exceptions:
Individuals sponsored by a Fire Department Cadet Program or Fire Department Boy Scouts of America Explorer Program. (must have a copy of governmental resolution on file with the MFFTC).

  • Department cadets and explorer scouts must be 16 to 17 years of age no exceptions. 18 years of age or over if still attending High School.


Quiz:  Yes

Written Test:  100 Questions (70% passing score)

Practical Test:  10 Practical Skill Stations

This course is approved by Michigan  Department of Community Health (MDCH) for the EMS, C.E. credits listed below. To obtain credits, the student should write in the credits on the MDCH, C.E. record form. An instructor signature is not required. The student should retain the certificate of completion for three years; in the even their C.E. credits are selected for audit by MDCH. (To obtain license renewal information or forms, contact MDCH at 517-241-0179 or renew online at






Airway/02-Basic 2 2 2 2
Pt Assessment/Triage 2 2 2 2
Respiratory 1 1 1 1
Burns 1 1 1 1
Communicable Disease 2 2 2 2
Environmental Emergencies 1 1 1 1
   ----- ----- ----- -----
Total C.E. Credits 9 9 9 9

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