Preparation for Initial Company Operations (Prerequisite for Company Officer

Course Description:
PICO is designed to provide a basic foundation for the management of one or more companies operating at a structural fire emergency.  The focus of these five units is a review of basic concepts and development of proficiency in critical skills.  Key content includes Roles and Responsibilities, Readiness, Communication, Building Construction and Fire Behavior factors, and Pre-incident Preparation.

The three courses listed below must  be taken in the sequence indicated below.  Course sponsors, course managers, and instructor's are requested to strictly enforce this requirement.

1.  PICO ( replaces MCTO:P)
2.  MCTO:D
3.  STICO (replaces MCTO:T)


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Preparation for Initial Company Operations 



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Preparation for Initial Company Operations 



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·      Eighteen years of age or older
·      Member of an organized Michigan Fire Department 



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