Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents ICS-300

Course Description:
This course is designed for those emergency response personnel who would function in a Command or General Staff position during a large, complex incident or event. Or those personnel who are or would likely be part of a local or regional Incident Management Team during a major incident, whether single agency, multiagency or Unified Command.

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Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents ICS-300


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Student Prerequisites:

  • Eighteen years of age or older

  • Member of an organized Michigan Fire Department

  • Have a working knowledge of ICS

  • ICS RMFS, NIMS ICS FS, or equivalent ICS 100 & 200 course

Course materials can be obtained by calling a FFTD Region Supervisor

Quiz: Issued by the Instructor
Written Test: No State Test
Practical Test: No State Test

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