Wildland Crew Boss (Single Resource) S-230

Course Description:

This is a classroom course designed to produce student proficiency in the performance of duties associated with the single resource boss position from initial dispatch through demobilization to the home unit.  Topics include operational leadership, preparation and mobilization, assignment preparation, risk management, entrapment avoidance, safety and tactics, offline duties, demobilization, and post incident responsibilities.

This course is presented by Michigan DNR and/or USFS Forest Fire Officer instructors.


Course Objectives:

  • Describe crew boss responsibilities prior to and during mobilization, on the incident, and during demobilization.

  • Identify the hazards and risks on various incidents and describe how to mitigate them.

  • Describe tactics which are appropriate to various wildland fire situations and procedures to implement them through the chain of command.


    Course Name:  Crew Boss (Single Resource)

    Acronym:  WCB

    Course Code:  L32A

    Instructional Hours:  26

    Student Manuals:  Provided by Instructors

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    Instructor Fee:  $1170.00

    Student Application:  SMOKE


    Student Prerequisites:

  • Eighteen years of age or older

  • Member of an organized Michigan Fire Department

  • Fire Fighter 1 Certified

  • < >

    Satisfactory completion of pre-course work



    Issued by the Instructor

    Written Test:

    No State Test

    Practical Test:

    No State Test


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