Wildland Engine Boss (Single Resource) S-231

Course Description:

This is a skill course designed to produce student proficiency in the performance of the duties associated with engine boss, single resource (ENGB).  Topics include engine and crew capabilities and limitations, information sources, fire sizeup considerations, tactics, and wildland/urban interface.

This course is presented by Michigan DNR and/or USFS Forest Fire Officer instructors.


Course Objectives:

  • Perform the tasks of an engine boss in making the tactical decisions required to safely manage an engine on an incident.


    Course Name:  Crew Boss (Single Resource)

    Acronym:  WEB

    Course Code:  L33A

    Instructional Hours:  16

    Student Manuals:  Provided by Instructors

    To Schedule a Course:  SMOKE

    Instructor Fee:  $720.00

    Student Application:  SMOKE


    Student Prerequisites:

  • Eighteen years of age or older

  • Member of an organized Michigan Fire Department

  • Fire Fighter 1 Certified

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