Drivers Training - VFIS

Course Description:
The driver training course includes items which address both the attitude and knowledge of the potential emergency vehicle driver while responding to an emergency as well as an understanding of the emergency vehicle driver's responsibility during non-emergency situations. The MFFTC has approved the VFIS & McNeil Driver Training curriculum. Driver training instructors must be certified in instructor 1 or Instructor 2 and successfully completed the Driver's Training Train-the-Trainer course.

Course Name: Driver Training 

Acronym: DT 

Course Code: B05C 

Instructional Hours: 

Student Manuals: Not provided-See Vendor Information

To Schedule Course: SMOKE

Instructor Fee: $270.00 

Student Application: SMOKE


Student Prerequisites:

  • Eighteen years of age or older
  • Member of an organized Michigan Fire Department 

SPECIAL NOTE: Explorers/cadets and pre-service students are not authorized to participate in this course. 


Written Test:  25 questions (70% passing score) 

Practical Test:  Emergency Vehicle Competency Course Administered by Authority Having Jurisdiction. 

This course is approved by Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) for the EMS, C.E. Credits listed below. To obtain credits, the student should write in the credits on the MDCH, C.E. record form. An instructor signature is not required. The student should retain the certificate of course completion for three years; in the event their C.E. Credits are selected for audit by MDCH. (To obtain license renewal information or forms contact MDCH at 517-241-0179 or renew online at 






Emergency Driving 
EMS Systems Operations 
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Total CEC Credits 

To schedule this course, the following forms must be completed and submitted to the appropriate Region Supervisor. Attention must be given to the instructions included with each form for proper submission. 



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