New Laws Require Smoke Alarm Installation in Structures Built Before November 6, 1974

Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

APRIL 10, 2006 - To meet the requirements of newly-enacted laws, building and homeowners must install smoke alarms in any structures constructed before November 6, 1974.

As a result of Public Act 64 of 2004 and PA 65 of 2004, every Michigan building, structure and residential dwelling must have smoke alarms installed. The laws establish a deadline of March 14, 2007 for installing smoke alarms. The laws have been incorporated into the Michigan Building Code, Michigan Residential Code, and the Michigan Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings.

"The new laws are designed to set a minimum standard for structures built prior to November 6, 1974, to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the state," said Henry L. Green, Director of the Bureau of Construction Codes and Fire Safety ."The laws provide building and homeowners a year to act, however I encourage all owners to install their alarms now while they are thinking about it. Not only will this allow you to bring the structures into compliance, but more importantly to protect your family or any other tenants using the building."

These laws only pertain to buildings constructed PRIOR to November 6, 1974. Construction of all buildings built after November 6, 1974, must follow the codes set forth for new construction.