Substance Use Disorder Recipient Rights Resource Documents

  • Recipient Rights are the rights guaranteed by State and Federal laws and promulgated rules, including but not limited to Rule 325.1391, Vulnerable Adult Abuse, Civil Rights laws, Criminal Statutes, Michigan Constitution of 1963, the Federal Constitution, Federal laws, and Federal Regulations. Each licensed Substance Use Disorder (SUD) program must comply with the following core recipient rights criteria that requires the SUD program to:

    • Establish and maintain policies and procedures on recipient rights.

      • Review policies on an annual basis and updated, if necessary.

    • Have designated Rights Advisor, who will:

      • Attend recipient rights training.

      • Coordinate recipient rights program.

        • Must investigate recipient rights complaints.

        • Act as liaison between the program, the regional entity, and the Department.

    • Display Recipient Rights Poster in facility.

    • Distribute Recipient Rights Brochure to each client.

    To assist a SUD program in meeting these requirements, the following resource documents are provided.

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